Used cars for sale West Midlands

Are you searching for used cars for sale West Midlands? It can be a minefield out there trying to find the right used car dealership but here are our top tips to help you find the right car for you.

Firstly we recommend you have the funds in place, so whether you need to get cleared for finance or have savings that you need to make sure are available, do that before buying your next car.

Try and stick to your budget, do not go for a car where the monthly payments are more than you can actually afford, it is all too tempting to go for a car that is just over your budget but we advise you to stick to what you can afford.

When looking for used cars for sale in West Midlands, try and find out the market value of the car, make sure that the car you want to buy is not massively overpriced.

Take a test drive, make sure you like the way the car drives, it feels comfortable, and that you like it! Buying a car is a big investment, you must be happy with the car before you part with your money.


When looking for cars for sale West Midlands, define what you want and do your research into the car before you commit, checking how much the tax will be, insurance and fuel costs can all influence your decision on buying the car or not. Some vehicles are FOC in tax.

Another thing to check when looking at used cars for sale West Midlands is to check the reliability of the make and model you are looking at, also the mileage, if the car has high mileage chances are it is due to have things like brakes and filters changed – if this is the case, usually the garage will change these for you before you buy the car or it will come with at least a 3-month warranty so should any such problems arise you will be covered.