Used cars for sale West Midlands

Are you searching for used cars for sale West Midlands? It can be a minefield out there trying to find the right used car dealership but here are our top tips to help you find the right car for you.

Firstly we recommend you have the funds in place, so whether you need to get cleared for finance or have savings that you need to make sure are available, do that before buying your next car.

Try and stick to your budget, do not go for a car where the monthly payments are more than you can actually afford, it is all too tempting to go for a car that is just over your budget but we advise you to stick to what you can afford.

When looking for used cars for sale in West Midlands, try and find out the market value of the car, make sure that the car you want to buy is not massively overpriced.

Take a test drive, make sure you like the way the car drives, it feels comfortable, and that you like it! Buying a car is a big investment, you must be happy with the car before you part with your money.


When looking for cars for sale West Midlands, define what you want and do your research into the car before you commit, checking how much the tax will be, insurance and fuel costs can all influence your decision on buying the car or not. Some vehicles are FOC in tax.

Another thing to check when looking at used cars for sale West Midlands is to check the reliability of the make and model you are looking at, also the mileage, if the car has high mileage chances are it is due to have things like brakes and filters changed – if this is the case, usually the garage will change these for you before you buy the car or it will come with at least a 3-month warranty so should any such problems arise you will be covered.

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

The Autowatch Ghost is the first and original CAN bus immobiliser, it is effective at protecting your car from theft. It does this by creating a unique pin code disarm sequence using buttons on your vehicle such as the steering wheel and centre console. Without the pin code being entered correctly the car’s engine will not start. It also had a smartphone application that connects to your car to allow you to change the settings and more.

There are many features to make the Autowatch Ghost convenient to use such as service/valet mode so when your car has work completed the sequence isn’t compromised. Also, a unique emergency code should the disarm sequence be forgotten or someone needs to drive your car quickly. There is the option to regularly change your code to improve overall security.

The new Ghost-2 systems now includes a unique vehicle marking system which is used by insurance companies across Europe, linking to the international security register.

TASSA Verified – Autowatch Ghost

The Autowatch Ghost is now TASSA verified. TASSA are a 3rd party group of industry experts including police and security professionals.
To have an Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser installed on your vehicle you need to contact an approved ghost installer near you.


Autowatch Ghost

The Cost of Prestige Car Hire

Prestige Car Hire

Hiring a prestige car is a great way of creating a day to remember. An important business meeting, a wedding or just being able to drive your dream car are all good reasons for hiring a luxury car.

Prestige cars make a lasting impression on people so hiring one is the perfect talking point for a special day. An option to pick up the car would be what is called an airport “meet and greet” where a driver will pick you up in your newly hired car if you are flying to an airport. Another option is to have the car delivered; most companies offer UK wide delivery, but extra costs can occur.


Cost Of Prestige Car Hire

The cost of hiring these types of cars can get expensive especially when you consider any damage excesses or other hidden costs. Hiring is still a lot cheaper than buying a luxury car outright, so getting a taste of driving a Ferrari or other another supercar is within reach of the average person. Hiring in the week can also save a lot of money rather than weekends.

Some examples of luxury cars include Ferrari, McLaren, Audi, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Range Rover, Jaguar, and many others. They all differ in price, with some Ferraris and Lamborghinis costing six figures. A hidden cost of hiring a luxury car is extra miles, these can add up quickly especially if you are enjoying the car and lead to an expensive bill!

Hire Options Available

Depending on the company, cars can be hired anywhere from 1 day up to 90 days. As with most things the more days you hire the car for, the cheaper it gets per day. Always read the small print when hiring a car to confirm how much you are paying beforehand. Returning the car with an adequate amount of fuel is also a requirement by most hire companies.

Audi Specialist


audi specialist

If you own a high level performance car like an Audi, it is important to perfectly maintain it in order to get optimum performance from it. Servicing your car on a regular basis not only keeps it in good working condition but also increases its lifespan. In addition, it enhances performance, fuel-efficiency and safety of the car. Therefore, choosing to go to an audi specialist repairs for car repairs ensures that you get the best technicians to work on your car.

More good news is that premature breakdowns, repairs and extra fuel consumption can be avoided by servicing your car regularly. Having your car serviced at a professional garage comes with the following benefits:

1. Standard service procedures are followed

Audi dealer trained technicians are usually equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to enable them identify faults quickly and efficiently. The standard service procedures normally followed at a professional garage include:

· Changing engine oil.

· Replacing oil filter.

· Checking if the car is working according to the manufacturer’s standards.

2. Top quality services

The technicians at a professional garage are highly certified and well trained in handling all aspects of maintaining and servicing Audi cars to give you superior repair work. They will double check their work thoroughly before delivering to you the serviced vehicle through the use of specialist diagnostic equipment and by road testing vehicles after the repairs to ensure that the problem has been fixed. The beauty of working with these mechanics is that they are not only trained in technical aspects but also in customer service.

3. Original parts used

Choosing to entrust your Audi with any service provider offers no guarantee that they will use original spare parts. On the other hand, a professional service provider knows that using substandard parts can greatly affect the performance of your vehicle so they will be committed to using only original and genuine parts that guarantee long life for your Audi.
Now that you are equipped with this information, next time your Audi needs servicing you have all the reasons to take it to an audi specialist repairs service provider

Car Finance

Once you have passed your driving test, you will want to get out and about on the road as soon as possible to enjoy your new-found freedom. Many new drivers (especially young drivers) may not be able to afford to pay for a new car straight away so they may choose to buy their new vehicle through car finance.

It is not easy for most people to save up the money to buy a vehicle in one lump sum, a lot of new drivers may still be in apprenticeships, part-time work or full-time education, even a second-hand car will exceed many peoples budgets. Then, of course, there is the car insurance too which is estimated to set you back at least around £2000 per year if you are a new driver or in your late teens or early twenties. On top of this, there is also the running costs of the car, fuel, Tax and servicing and MOT all of these can add up. Car finance may be an option you may wish to consider.

Car finance makes buying, insuring and maintaining a vehicle more manageable. When you cost up the entire expense of running a car, car finance can be a suitable affordable solution.

Car finance essentially allows you to own a car without paying out a huge lump sum all at once, payments are spread out over several months (you can choose how long this is, the most popular length of time for car finance is usually 36 or 48 months) in bite-size amounts that can be as little as £40 per week in some cases. This way you do not have to wait years to save up to actually own a car.

Car finance makes buying a vehicle more manageable, this also allows new drivers to have more choice when choosing which vehicle to go for. You will not be restricted to buying an old used car because that’s all you can afford. For just a few pounds more per month, you may be able to go for a newer car with less mileage, this can also help with car insurance premiums as they should be significantly lower and in most cases, you should not have to worry about regular repairs on a newer car.

Buying a car on finance allows young people and new drivers who have recently passed their driving test to manage their money better. Vehicle ownership becomes more feasible for those who cannot afford an outright purchase of a new car.

Row of cars
Row of cars